Tenant Representation
The Mill


The Mill is a preeminent visual effects house with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. Their innovative technologies in film and television can be seen in projects like Doctor Who, Merlin and Sherlock.


The Mill’s Los Angeles office started small with 2,500SF, in 1995. Over the span of two decades, with each need, Industry matched the company’s growth with the appropriate space configurations and leases ultimately culminating in a fully customized dream headquarters at Blackwelder.




19 years


Industry Partners


Twenty years. Five deals. From tiny to huge.
A relationship that transcends the deal.

The Deal

We initially helped The Mill establish their LA office in 1994 with a 2,500SF office space on Broadway in Santa Monica. Time and growth propelled them to need a 10-year lease at 200 Mildred for 8,500SF. Internal factors precluded the move, so we immediately subleased the space for them. Within days, we brought entertainment insiders Warner Bros., The Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver. In 2010 we custom-built a post-production facility at 1657 Euclid and landed them a rare, one-year lease. The deal renewed for three years and then expanded into1655 Euclid for another five years. In 2011, they required an even bigger presence. We identified a 25,000SF property that was not for sale at Blackwelder, an undeveloped campus adjacent to Culver City. We inked a deal to sell the property to a major investor who leased it to The Mill and customized the space into a bespoke, fully dialed production facility.


Our two-decade working relationship speaks to the loyalty and commitment Industry makes to our clients. When The Mill couldn’t move in to Mildred, we didn’t balk. Instead, we hustled to find appropriate sub-tenants. When the Blackwelder opportunity arose, we put a deal together to get all owners to sell at the same time (a feat in itself). Industry then matched The Mill principals with Genton Property Group to secure build-out dollars, a rarity for a production company. Since this extensive renovation, Blackwelder campus has increased visibility, and has actually redefined the Culver City city limits. Industry populated the campus with tenants who form a unique ecosystem of complementary talents and industries.

As part of The Mill family, Industry participates in their annual Fireflies West charity bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.